structured cabling design & consulting services

Len Andrews Enterprises Inc. is experienced in all types of data, voice, video cabling complete with hardware design solutions.  We use our years of extensive consulting and design knowledge & industry standards to tailor solutions to each client's unique requirements.

structured cable installation & project management

Len Andrews Enterprises Inc. is skilled at implementing all types of structured cabling wiring projects.  A detailed scope-of-work and a bill of materials describing all components to be installed are standard for all undertakings.  A detailed project plan can be provided for all sizes of integrated installations.

structured cable maintenance & reconfiguration service

Len Andrews Enterprises Inc. offers it’s clients, comprehensive cable maintenance service to accommodate relocations, company expansions, and computer room changeovers.  Our experienced staff can be on call 24 hours a day to handle emergency requirements.

cable testing & certification

Len Andrews Enterprises Inc. uses the latest type of cabling testers for testing & verification of both copper and fiber single or multi mode cable plants.  Our test equipment includes Fluke DTX-1800 with multi-mode and single mode testing capabilities. We can provide certification reports and summaries in hard or soft copy.  The necessity of acceptance testing, {i.e. certification}, for network installations is to demonstrate the base level functionality of the network and attached components, {i.e. both for new and existing components}, to evaluate the performance / reliance, and to detect “problem areas” before they become disruptive, and likely quite costly.  A “Performance Threshold Level” will be established for the cabling plant, as well as, each of it’s components.  In this way, there is a “Base Line” from which to measure existing performance, and “Problems” can been spotted as they are developing.  Thus implementing a proactive approach to operational performance and reliance, and NOT a reactive action associated with a crisis.  “It is always MUCH more desirable to PLAN your down time!”

home automation

Len Andrews Enterprises Inc. offers design, installation, programming and on-going support on the complete line of Leviton Z-wave products for the home automation market.  Imagine being able to control the mood and ambience of your home with a single touch of a button ... automatically drawing the curtains, dimming the lights, turning on your music and setting the temperature, all from a hand held remote, or a centrally installed system controller.  How much would you enjoy having guests over if you could instantly put your home into entertainment mode ... automatically setting the interior lights to an intimate level, lighting the outdoor patio, piping your music to selected rooms and showing a film in your home cinema.  It might sound like a futuristic fantasy, but all this, and much more, is now possible.  We can provide home automation technology which enables you to create an intelligent environment in your home which can be controlled to suit your day-to-day lifestyle.  Today’s home automation systems provide unparalleled comfort, convenience, entertainment, energy conservation and security throughout your home.

supplementary products & services

Len Andrews Enterprises Inc. features a complete line of custom fiber or copper data cables, connectors and assemblies for custom installation and maintenance projects.

The following is a list of custom cable assemblies / products we provide.  The following can be made up to any configuration or length you require:

  • Cat3, Cat5E, Cat6 twisted pair RJ-45 cable assemblies.
  • Multi mode 50/125 or 62.5/125 micron fiber patch or building cable assemblies ST, SC, LC.
  • Single mode 8.2/125 or 9/125 micron fiber patch or building cable assemblies ST, SC, LC.
  • Broadband coax, CCTV, CTV custom cable assemblies.


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